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Is it Safe to Travel to Greece?
Acropolis (U.S. Embassy Photo)

Acropolis (U.S. Embassy Photo)

If you are reading this it means that you have taken the first step to enjoying a fun and safe holiday in Greece! 

Greece, and specifically the center of Athens, have been in the news a great deal lately prompting us to receive many questions about traveling to Greece.  So, before you book that “trip of a lifetime,” what should you know? 

First, we recommend all travelers register in STEP (Safe Traveler Enrollment Program), so that we will know where you are and can more easily assist you, if need be.  Second, get to know our Embassy Webpage, where you can find information about everything from strikes and demonstrations to doctors and lawyers or getting married in Greece!
Also check out our Country Specific Information (CSI).  It is an indispensible (if we may say so ourselves!) reference guide for travel to Greece, which includes information on crime and security, health and safety, getting around, selecting traveler’s insurance, what not to do and how to contact the embassy if you get into trouble. 

If you want a more interactive exchange, visit the Consular Section’s Facebook Page, where you can join a lively community of Americans who live, work and vacation in Greece.  Some of them even live in the now famous Syntagma Square!
Finally, you'll want to go through our list of Really Useful FAQs that are taken straight from e-mails sent, not only to the Consular Section, but to our Facebook fans, and members of the official American community here at the Embassy.  They are customized for different needs and types of travelers, but we hope you will read them all and share with friends, family and colleagues.