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How to Apply

Immigrant Visas

How to Apply

Step 1: Which category do you qualify for?

There are various Visa categories that you may be qualified for, applying for the correct visa and submitting the correct petition to USCIS is an important step in the Visa Application Process.
 Step 2: Send your required petition to the correct application center.

Depending on your resident status, you may be required to send your petition to either the USCIS in the U.S. or to USCIS in Athens. 

Step 3:  When your petition is approved.

Depending on which application center you applied at, different steps need to be taken to continue the visa process. 
Step 4: Gather required documentation.

Both the National Visa Center and the Athens IV unit will be requiring certain documentation in order to process your visa. Please collect all documents listed here. 

Step 5:  Follow the instructions from your application center.

Depending on your application center, what happens after you have collected all original documents varies. Please follow the instructions of your application center carefully. 
Step 6:  Get your medical examination done.

You should schedule your medical appointment no later than six weeks before your intended date of departure to the United States, and no earlier than six months before your departure date. 
Step 7: Come to your interview on your appointment day

On the day of your scheduled appointment, please follow all of the listed instructions here.